Showing Appreciation

This is not a post about trying to get reviews.

Reviews in many ways are the butter on your bread, so to speak. They’re partly what draws readers to your work. Having said that, I wanted to talk about giving appreciation.

You’ll know from a previous post that I’ve had difficulties in my life. Years ago, I began watching a particular show. To this day, I don’t really know why it was this show that kicked things off for me. I’ve been interested in other tv shows, but none kept my attention the way this one did. I got involved in the fandom. Yes, I admit, I wrote fanfiction. Trust me, it does not deserve the negative press it seems to get. Many of the fandom writers are very talented.

Being involved in the fandom introduced me to people I now consider friends. These friends have helped me keep going over the years, especially through rough times. They also encouraged me to finish my first novel – something I had left untouched for a very long time.

An opportunity came up to talk to someone who had been an actor in the tv show I so loved. I took that opportunity. I wanted to say ‘thank you’. Some might say she’s an actor, reciting lines written by a scriptwriter. But it is the actors who put emotions into those lines. Anyone could have been chosen for the role she played, but no one else could have played the role quite like her. It needs to be said that if it had been another actor, I might not have related to her character as much.

So I said what I needed to say. What I’d wanted to say for a long time.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that the things we do are appreciated. Even if it does seem a bit silly, or for the oddest reason.

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