By jlmj - A very satisfying and romantic read.
I greatly enjoyed this book. I hesitate to use the word "pleasant" as that feels like damning with faint praise, but I can't think of the word I want. The two main characters are very well developed - decent, honourable people who are great fits for each other but have sensible reasons for fearing to develop the relationship further.
All around, a very adult type of romance that made me happy while reading. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the story takes place in New Zealand. I loved all the details about living in Auckland.

By jlmj

​How does one cope with the suicide of a close friend? This book follows Janet's struggle to overcome her feelings of confusion, guilt and anger, all while moving on with her own life. I like that there are no pat answers as to what went wrong with the friend, as well as the complexity of Janet's feelings. I also enjoyed learning just a little more about the background locations in New Zealand.
By Wendy Curry

​From the sudden loss of her best friend Janet suddenly finds herself at a loss for answers. While questioning her own role in the death of Callie she finds support from an unexpected source. Tom is a former workmate and friend of Callie's who steps in to try and help Janet cope with her loss.
Reading Janet's thoughts as she goes through Callie's diaries brought back memories of a similar loss in my own family. I also had the persons diaries and found similar sadness there too, wondering if more could have been done but realising you couldn't.

Thankfully for Janet she had a great support system to help her understand. And she finds what she never knew she'd been missing.


By jlmj - What do you do if you've lost it all - parents, boyfriend, job? If you're Abby, you transform yourself into Phoenix in a search for justice. But what if she goes too far? I really enjoyed the struggle here between Abby's two selves.