Non Fiction

Little Girl Lost

Where do I come from?

It’s a common question people ask, and none more so than those who have been adopted.

Ellen had often asked that question as a young child and then as a mother of a sick child.

That question led Ellen on to a search that would occupy almost every moment of her life. A search that has been painful and at the same time, enlightening.

A search that has hurt her and her family. Alienated her from some of her biological family but given her the chance to know people she never would have known had she never started the search.

Her birth mother was someone who wanted to leave the past alone. Who had many secrets that she most likely took to the grave with her.

This is Ellen’s story. The story of how she found her birth family. Of siblings she never knew existed and what became of them. A story of determination. Above all, a search for identity.

(Only in paperback)


Living With Depression: Journeys to Healing

Living with depression is not easy. It can make you moody and sometimes impossible to live with. It’s hard enough for the person with this illness, but just as hard on family members who have no idea how to deal with it.

For some, depression can have devastating consequences.

Over 300 million people in the world have been diagnosed with this illness, yet there are still those out there who have no knowledge or understanding of it and how debilitating it can be.

I have struggled for years with the effects of depression, bullying and emotional abuse. There are others like me who have been through something similar and we are only now coming out the other side.

This book is not just my own journey. It seeks to explain what depression is while dispelling the myths around it and what causes it through research and personal analysis.

I also include some coping strategies – some I have experienced personally and others through extensive research.

Above all, I believe there is a way to heal.