Making a Movie

Recently I was chatting to someone about my first novel. Phoenix. I was telling them the plot.

“You should write it as a script,” they said.

This person was not the first to suggest making the book into a movie. I have to admit I’m toying with the idea. I’m not saying it’s the best thing I’ve ever written, but it was my first novel. My first ‘baby’, so to speak. So, of course, I’m a bit biased where my feelings for it are concerned.

It probably sounds crazy, and I don’t know if any other writers feel the same way. But I do feel like the novel is akin to a first-born child. It’s my creation. So, it’s precious to me.

Do I want to see it as a movie? I have to admit, the idea does appeal. I did have thoughts that maybe it would make a good tv series as well. Building on the background to the novel, and its subsequent sequel. And creating a series around the job they do.

When I was first writing it, I read out some of it to an acquaintance. They told me: “This sounds like a movie.”

They could have been referring to an actual movie. Or they could have been referring to the way I wrote the action.

I’ve always been a visual writer. In the sense that I see the action in my head and write what I see. I often pretend to be one of the characters and role-play conversations. Sometimes that helps me visualise how I think a scene should play out.

I remember reading a novel years ago where a writer was doing something similar. They were seen by the main character in the novel ‘fighting’ with someone. Only the other person turned out to be a dummy. I guess it’s not unusual for a writer to ‘become’ a character so they can act out the scene.

So, who knows? Maybe I will get to see it on a big screen one day.

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