Find Your Passion

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a couple of women talk about their lives and the opportunities they’ve had.
One woman was very inspiring. She’d had a few knocks in life, but she saw it as a chance to become more true to herself. To stop worrying about what everyone else thought of her and do what was right for her. The second had the insight to not only seek but also spot opportunities in her life. Even if sometimes those things didn’t quite work out the way she hoped.
Not everyone can see a good opportunity even when it comes knocking. But the one thing I’ve learnt through my own experience is to try to be open to those opportunities. To recognise that things happen for a reason.
For instance, for years I worked in roles that really didn’t suit me at all. I was deeply unhappy and stressed. Then I went to a church group meeting with a friend I met through that work and got to talking to a young man. He asked me what I did. I instantly told him: “I’m a writer.” Yet the work I was doing had nothing to do with writing.
So he told me something that, while I can’t remember verbatim, I do still think about to this day. He basically said that I should do what is in my heart to do and eventually the opportunity to live the life I want will come to me.
We all have dreams we want to pursue, but the realities of everyday life often get in the way. We need money to live and sometimes that means depending on money from the government. With that comes certain ‘responsibilities’. The current worldwide pandemic has meant the rules around such things have been relaxed a little. But there is still that sense of obligation.
Does that mean we should put aside our dreams? Absolutely not! There is nothing wrong with doing what we can to fulfil those responsibilities. We should still keep an eye out for opportunities that allow us to pursue our dreams.


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